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Conserve Water Georgia


Water Conservation Implementation Plan


The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is pleased to release an updated version of Georgia's Water Conservation Implementation Plan (WCIP). The March 2010 WCIP incorporates improvements suggested by Georgia citizens, businesses and organizations, including:

  • A summary chart of critical elements of the plan: the sector-specific conservation goals, benchmarks, best practices and implementation actions;
  • Updated language regarding Georgia's drought conditions; and
  • Enhanced benchmarks, definitions and references throughout.

The WCIP is a resource to guide Georgia’s seven major water use sectors in an effort to help sustain the state’s water resources and provide for a secure water supply in the future.

Synopsis of the WCIP

March 2010 WCIP

Companion Document summarizing comments and responses received during the June - July 2009 public comment period.

The WCIP was developed with assistance and comments from many individuals.  It will be periodically updated and revised to incorporate new information and data.

Please submit any additional suggestions for improving the plan to WCIP@dnr.state.ga.us. We appreciate your ongoing feedback.


What is the water conservation implementation plan?

The WCIP was developed by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection Division, in partnership with individuals representing the diverse water users of the state, to create a culture of conservation and guide Georgians toward more efficient use of our state’s finite water resources. It serves as a resource for institutional water users and may assist with prioritizing water conservation, maximizing water efficiency and protecting water resources without causing harm to the economy or quality of life that Georgians enjoy.


Why is the WCIP important?

In Georgia, the ultimate goal of water conservation is not to prevent water use, but to maximize the benefit of each gallon because, while abundant, Georgia’s water resources are finite. The WCIP provides foundational water conservation goals that will move our state and our diverse water users toward greater efficiency and foster a culture of conservation.


How can the WCIP be used?

The WCIP will be used to guide decisions related to water use and water management by:

  1. Educating water users about water conservation practices and the goals they can accomplish,
  2. Informing regional water plan preparation that will be overseen by regional water planning councils,
  3. Helping water use sectors collectively improve water use efficiency, and
  4. Informing DNR rule-making regarding water conservation requirements in permitting.


Can I suggest improvements to the WCIP or submit a comment?

Yes. EPD may periodically update the WCIP with supplemental information to ensure Georgia’s water users and regional water planning councils have the most accurate information. Any suggestions for improving the March 2010 plan may be addressed to WCIP@dnr.state.ga.us, with WCIP in the subject line.

The WCIP will be reviewed and revised every five years as part of the cycle to update the state-wide water management plan (www.georgiawaterplanning.org) , and EPD will publish an annual report indicating the status of progress on implementing the elements of the WCIP.


Supportive links


Planning references


Archive: May 2009 WCIP

If you would like a copy of the May 2009 WCIP, contact Georgia EPD.

Questions and Answers about the WCIP

May 2009 press release regarding the WCIP

Companion Document, summarizing comments and responses received during the December 2008-January 2009 public comment period